The University of Girona and WWF-Spain presented the project's national report to marine policy makers of the Spanish Ministry in charge of managing MPAs at the national level.

On January 23rd, Andrea Barbanti from CNR was invited to gave a short presentation of PHAROS4MPAs during one of the panels of the UN Decade Regional (Mediterranean) Event in Venice.

PHAROS4MPAs' 7 policy briefs were disseminated to MSP national authorities during the MSP Global Forum in Riga that was held November 19-21.

CNR - Istituto di scienze marine - presented PHAROS4MPAs activities and main results during the first National MSP Training under UNESCO-IOC MSPglobal initiative.

On 14-16th October, the University of Girona (UdG) participated to an international event on Biodiversity Protection and management, organized by the PANACeA project.

Presentation of the PHAROS4MPAs recommendations to the Aquaculture Advisory Council in Brussels.

On October 11th 2019, the University of Girona (UdG) participated to the 58th Edition of the Barcelona International boat show.

On September 10-12 WWF participated to the 1st International Conference on Maritime Transport which took place in Rome, Italy.

The University of Girona, as core partner of the PHAROS4MPAs project, participated in a PANACeA workshop "Biodiversity Protection Community" held in Madrid on the 4th July 2019, in collaboration with...

WWF took part in the European Maritime Day, organized by the European Commission, to present its first reports on aquaculture and offshore wind farms.