Better understand and manage recreational fisheries

The University of Girona, as part of the PHAROS4MPAs team, attended the first international symposium on recreational sea fishing.

On September 14 2018, the first international symposium on recreational sea fishing organized by the SICORE project was held in Vigo (Spain), gathering Spanish stakeholders (fishermen, scientists, managers).

The University of Girona presented a study regarding the impact of recreational fisheries on vulnerable species based on the results of the SAFENET project (DG MARE) and the PHAROS4MPAs project (Interreg), showing the efforts devoted by the EC to better understand and manage this activity.

The symposium, held at the Museo do Mar de Galicia, aimed to share and analyse research and management initiatives developed in Spain and other European countries regarding this popular maritime activity. In addition, it aimed to identify challenges, synergies and needs, draw up conclusions and propose recommendations that help to guide future policies in the management and research of recreational fishing in Spain.