Training on MSP and Sustainable Blue Economy (Italy)

CNR - Istituto di scienze marine - presented PHAROS4MPAs activities and main results during the first National MSP Training under UNESCO-IOC MSPglobal initiative.

As part of the MSPglobal pilot project in the West Mediterranean, a national training course on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Sustainable Blue Economy was organized in Rome (Italy), one of the member states of the WestMED Initiative, on October 8-9th.

It covered:

  • Presentation of the current situation of the national marine and coastal zones;
  • Introduction to the concepts of MSP and Sustainable Blue Economy;
  • Data and information in MSP processes;
  • Stakeholder engagement in MSP processes, from beginning to end.

In the context of MSPglobal and with the support of the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the MSP Challenge game will be used to simulate a planning process, during which participants will be asked to define their country’s vision, objectives, indicators, actions, stakeholders and risks for short and long-term.

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